Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Mr Kligerman-I accept your challenge, Part 1

This blog was written in response to a letter in the Bozeman Chronicle, July 10, 2009. Mr. Kligerman's beef is with a fellow writer who calls the President a dictator and our government socialistic. He challenges the reader the "Gimme me a f'r example" on the constitutional violations of the President. I have accepted the challenge. I hope to address my response in a series of letters to my new pen pal. I'd love for your to read along with us.

Dear Mr. Kligerman-

You have inspired me...You have challenged Mr. Comstock to "Gimme a f'r instance" regarding the abuses of power perpetrated by our President. Not having had the privilege of reading Mr. Comstock’s letter, to which your response was directed, I have to rely on the many airings of the Glenn Beck Show to imagine his list of grievances. So, if you will indulge me, I will be presumptuous enough to accept your challenge, on behalf of all of the Mr. Comstocks, who are not scared conservatives, as had been said, but concerned citizens who don’t like the direction in which we find our country going.

Let me begin by saying the list of constitutional variances began long before our current President. Democrats and Republicans alike have slowly eroded the freedoms given to us by the founding fathers. I can assume you would agree with me on this point, judging from the “imperialist government” comment in your letter. This brings me to my first point: addressing constitutional wrongs must be done, as Aristotle said, via the law, “which is free from passion.” Constitutionality must not be viewed through the eyes of the politically correct moral relativism by which we currently judge our laws, but by the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”, as set forth in the Declaration of Independence. To say that one man is an imperialist, because you disagree with his protection policies abroad, while supporting another man, whose massive imperialistic expansion of government (defined as the extension of power or authority over others in the interests of takeover and domination) here at home confuses the issue with “passion”. One only has to look at the unprecedented number of czars appointed to oversee the “affairs of the people”, who answer to no one, except the President, to consider the possibility that constitutional circumvention that has occurred. The Pay Czar, the Climate Czar, the Cyber Czar, the Green Jobs Czar, the Science Czar, the Guantanamo Closure Czar, the Car Czar, the Border Czar….and the list extends to 32 advisors with the ear of the President, and accountable to no one. Of course, if we know anything about this White House, this deviation will all be wrapped neatly in a marketing package, complete with logo, to disguise this power grab as a benevolent necessity.

You say that one GM does not equate a socialistic government, and if it were only GM, I would say you are correct. But it is a slew of Banks “too big to fail”, insurance companies, brokerage houses, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, state’s governments absconding with stimulus money to cover expenses they don’t have the backbone to eliminate, a mass of political crony paybacks we can ill afford and a stimulus package that does nothing but put the government in control of commerce and industry.

The majority of people voted for “hope” and “change” but is this the change they really wanted: Budgets are passed under cover of darkness, bills are written without valid debate, taxes are enacted under the guise of saving the environment, a Federal Reserve creating money from nothing to cover “debts” and a massive redistribution of assets being sold as fairness for the middle class. The pace at which the changes have occurred defies logic and yet we are too busy with our own lives and its problems to bother with objecting. We are the ones that allowed this to happen by not holding our leaders accountable. Somehow “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” has devolved into “I want what my neighbor has, regardless of the cost.”

No coup has occurred; it is a dissolution of freedoms we have allowed because “We the People” have been asleep. The spending of trillions of dollars we don’t have and the selling of our children’s future to foreign countries to pay for government programs and projects we can do without has now woken the sleeping giant. And you must now listen to the Tea Parties that declare this spending immoral and the Mr. Comstocks of the world that view these one sided changes to our government, via the Obama/Pelosi/Reed machine, as dictatorial and socialistic. This back and forth is the privilege and obligation of the governed: to air our grievances and debate its solutions. And, if necessary, as the Declaration of Independence states, “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,” to do that as well.

Our forefathers had genuine grievances with their King. He wasn’t listening to the issues they raised; he taxed excessively without consent, restricted trade to penalize their dissention and dissolved any representational body that had the audacity to disagree with his opinion. Thus, living under monarchical rule, a.k.a. tyranny, they found it best to sever their ties with this government. The people of the Tea Party have similar objections, I will grant you that Mr. Obama may not be a dictator, yet, and Socialism has not fully overtaken our current Democratic Republic, but the signs are there, and the freedoms have been relinquished, all in the name of the greater good. If we, who disagree, allow our country to creep toward that which we detest, shame on us. It is our job to keep those who would expand government in check, just as it was yours to voice your disdain for those policies with which you disagree. If we don’t allow this discussion, we don’t deserve this gift we have been given.

As for “Articles and Sections”, I haven’t addressed these, but given the opportunity to discuss via the opinion page, I will. As I have said, you have inspired me.

Your new pen pal,
Jane Wayne
Belgrade, MT

(To read the full transcript of Mr. Kligerman's letter, follow this link: )

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