Friday, May 1, 2009

Specter and the Tsunami of Reform

It’s taken me a few days to digest the Arlen Specter ship jump. Not because it was any big surprise-those who were haven’t been paying attention- and not because it changes the balance of power in the government. Let’s face it, the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Machine has done little to tamp down the socialist agenda they promised to deliver. Week after week, republicans and those like minded have had little to say with respect to any programs that have passed. Through executive orders, and misguided legislation, the idea to shove through every conceivable change in domestic and foreign policy in the name of transparency and fairness has met little democratic opposition as the “team” has done a remarkable job painting conservatives as “the Party of No”, regardless of the numerous attempts to offer alternate plans. This all done while Specter was a Republican.

So what difference is it that Arlen Specter has decided, for personal and political preservation, to switch parties. It doesn’t really. I find amazing that one man can be far enough down in the his state’s primary polls that he feels the need to switch political parties and now finds himself the front runner to retain his Senate seat. He is the same man, with the same principles, yet with one sweep of the party affiliation lever, he is magically transformed from primary loser to 6-term Senator.

What is wrong with us that we allow this? It should nauseate us that a man who is close to 80 and had several bouts with cancer feels his legacy is more important than nurturing the next generation of leaders as his final act of leadership? Is this what the founding fathers wanted when they created a system for public “service”, career politicians that go into the congress as middle class citizens and leave as millionaires? What part of service do we not understand?

The truth is we really can’t blame them; it’s fame, power and fortune wrapped up in one neat package. The problem lies with us: we keep electing them because they are “well connected” and they can bring home the bacon to our district and cut the pork in everyone else’s. Please cut Medicare, just leave my Mom’s alone. Take care of Social Security just don’t raise my payroll taxes. Reform welfare, but make sure my farm subsidy check clears. We are addicted to government, unable to fend for ourselves, and unwilling to change the system because it might hurt “me”. We’re upset that a politician switches his label, but elected him 5 times, knowing his character.

Until we start insisting that the old goats get out of the Congress, to make room for a newer kind of politician, that knows the meaning of “public service”, we have no room to complain. Our agenda should be to bring reform to Washington by bringing reform to our own ballots. It shouldn’t matter what party label we hang on our door. What should is the willingness to make the change, regardless of the cost.

I see that movement in our Tea Parties and our Social Networks. Let the politicians say what they will about what we don’t understand. We will be the one that help them remember who put them there and we expect more out of our representatives than they are delivering. In the words of one comedian: we brought them into this world, and we can take them out.

The Tsunami begins with an underwater movement, barely detected by the eye. Its momentum builds with each passing mile, until its final effect is devastating. Moreover, it has the ability to destroy strongholds and cleanse the landscape, leaving room for newer, more efficient structures. Let Obama and his ilk be dismissive, even derisive, about our Tea Parties. When our grass roots movement becomes a Tsunami of accountability and reform, we will be hard to ignore.

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  1. Jane, I like this post. A LOT. If you don't mind, I will use the final paragraph at the top of my blog. I like to post quotations there. Right now I have one by Ghandi. This is cool. Anyway, thank you for following my blog. I am now your #1 follower. And I truly look forward to more posts from you. A great conservative thinker.